Tie Dye Ice Sculptures

This is something we do every year in January.  The ice sculptures always turn out so cool!

To do this activity, we ask each child to bring in a uniquely shaped piece of ice.  We get all kinds of fun ice from creative families.  For example, we get ice frozen in balloons, rubber gloves, Tupperware, jello molds, bowls, and cups among other things.

They bring their ice into school and put it in the water table.  At play time, we give the children kosher salt to sprinkle on the ice and watch the effects, making little craters in the ice.  Then, after the ice has melted a bit, they can use the salt and press two pieces of ice to gether, fusing them together. Their coldness re-freezes the parts that have melted and makes the pieces of ice stick together.

After the children have had some time to create their sculptures, we give them  eye droppers (great for fine motor)and liquid watercolor paint to color their creations.  The results are beautiful!

6 responses to “Tie Dye Ice Sculptures

  1. These are truly beautiful! I never thought about having the children bring in their own ice sculptures!! Great idea!

  2. I just wrote a note asking parents to send in ice! Great idea!

  3. Very clever and beautiful!!!

  4. I love this idea…thanks for sharing. I especially like the idea of having kids bring their own shaped ice.

  5. kliquesocialmedia

    Love the tie-dye ice! I should have been a pre-school teacher.

  6. This posting, “Tie Dye Ice Sculptures | Preschool PlayTime” ended up being
    beneficial. I am producing out a copy to present my buddys.
    Thanks a lot-Kareem

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