Soup’s On!

Here is an activity we did during healthy foods week.  It was a simple, last-minute idea that turned out to be a huge success!

I was not sure what to put in the water table, and finally decided to let the kids make pretend soup!

Our set-up looked like this:

I put out whisks, ladles, spoons, measuring cups, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers and large pots.  I filled the pitchers with water.  I also gave them some pasta noodles, beans, oregano, and corn starch (for coloring).

Then, I let them go at it!  The kids loved making soup!  I think they especially like using real utensils and ingredients.

At first I thought I may have put out too many utensils, but I turned out to be wrong!  We had about nine kids around the table for most of playtime!  I saw a lot of teamwork, social interaction, and conflict resolution go on around the water table that day.  Not to mention the kids had a blast!  Just goes to show, sometimes the last-minute ideas are the best ones of all!

Have you had any last-minute successes in the classroom?  I’d love to hear about them!


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